Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (2024)

TLDR (you won't get the best results by following this simplified short guide):
best reforges:


for armor


for epic and legendary and a combination of




on everything else (try to aim for 3 strength per 2 crit damage for roughly the best damage)


for bow (






for crit chance, depending on how much crit chance you need to hit the 100% cap)



for armor (


if you want better survivability, you lose 25 intelligence but gain 15 defense, smart is almost on par with wise), necromancer's brooch (necrotic reforge) whenever you have the money.


for all talismans


for swords


for bows



for armor (


if you can hit 100% attack speed and crit chance without pure or spiked) and renowned if available


for commons,


for uncommons,


for rares,


for epics and


for legendaries (Again, aim for 3 strength per 2 crit damage and reforge accordingly)


for swords (or


for crit chance). If you have the money then go for a gilded midas (midas' jewel reforge stone)
If you really want to reach peak attack speed (100%) you can reforge some epic talismans to strange.

If you have the money you can replace reforges on common, uncommon and rare talismans with the silky reforge for crit damage (reforge stone from the tarantula broodmother) or bloody for attack speed and crit damage (reforge stone from dungeon mobs

CD=Crit Damage
AS=(Bonus) Attack Speed
DPS=Damage Per Second


Now that the reforge update is finally here, everyone wants to maximize their damage and there have been numerous guides and every youtuber has had some kind of a take on what reforges you'll want for your gear. And every guide and piece of advice I've seen has been in one way or another... wrong.

We've been wired to think that strength>crit damage. Attack speed is a huge question mark at the moment and nobody seems to see the potential it has. And I'm here to debunk some myths and help you dish out the most damage you can with math to back it up!

Debunking a Major Myth

Let's start with the simple. Strength is not strictly better than crit damage. To prove this we need to introduce a simplified version of the Hypixel Skyblock's damage formula and test subject Steve who wants to deal as much damage as possible.

(5 + WEAPON DAMAGE + STR/5) x (1 + CD/100) x (1 + STR/100)

As you can see, strength boosts your base weapon damage and acts as a multiplier whereas crit damage is only a multiplier. Strength would seem to be the superior stat but hear me out. The reason why we leave enchantments and combat level out of the equation is to make things easier. Most if not all enchants and the combat level bonus are multiplicative damage multipliers thus not further affecting our tests and calculations.

STEVE currently has a total of 1000 strength and crit damage combined. He can choose to stack 800 strength or crit damage to test how much damage he can deal with his newly bought hot potato booked Aspect of the Dragons (245 base damage).

with 800 STR (and 200 CD), Steve deals 11,070 damage
and 7,830 damage with his maxed out CD of 800

Steve now tries out something completely different and distributes the two stats evenly and, surprisingly enough, deals 12,600 damage, which is roughly 14% more damage than stacking as much STR as possible.

From all of this we can learn that rather than treating STR and CD unequally we should rather see them as two stats that support each other and it's best to have a good combination of both. MORE ON HOW TO GET THE OPTIMAL AMOUNT OF STR/CD FURTHER DOWN BELOW

Introducing Bonus Attack Speed

Keep in mind that Archers and Mages can't utilize attack speed the same as berserkers or pseudo-dps-tanks. I'd only recommend using AS if most of your damage is dealt with melee weapons. So any archers or mages out there can skip this part.

For what content is AS a great stat to stack?
- Slayers
- Dungeons
- Golems

When to avoid AS and spec STR and CD or INT instead?
- you are an archer or a mage
- doing dragons (you want as much STR and CD for bow damage and meleeing dragons is CPS capped and doesn't benefit from AS (correct me if I'm wrong on this))
- you have bad ping
- Can't maintain at least 4 CPS comfortably while tracking your target
- have below average tracking and can't consistently land hits on your target

There are great many reasons to sacrifice 100-150 STR/CD to get 100% AS and attack twice as fast.

Firstly, it's simply more DPS. Faster slayers, easier dungeons and better placement on golems, all great things. MORE, FASTER, BETTER!

In the next example we will be using the stats of an end game player using a 290 base damage MIDAS and 1100 combined STR and CD to calculate the damage the player deals with and without AS

(5 + 290 + 647/5) x (1 + 647/100) x (1 + 453/100) x 1.1 = 19,285

(5 + 290 + 555/5) x (1+ 555/100) x (1 + 395/100) x 2 = 26,327

By dividing the results
we find that by maxing attack speed our player dealt 37% more damage!

Secondly, the magma boss and some dungeon mobs will feature a new mechanic. The damage dealt beyond a certain threshold will be significantly reduced (to 10% if I recall), which means that if you dealt 20,000 damage to a mob that has that threshold set to 2,000 damage will take 3,800 damage from your attack. This means that you will further benefit from attack speed and by now having 100% attack speed instead of 10% will almost double your damage on certain damage capped mobs. Remember that hitting more mobs results in more life steal meaning that attack speed will also increase your survivability and might just be the thing that keeps your dungeon team going.

Reforge strategies to get a good amount of AS

Pure/Spiked/Renowned on armor, strange uncommon talismans and itchy rare talismans and a Spicy/Fabled sword. This strategy will work especially well with a high level hound pet, since without it, you'd be around 55-60% AS.

Fierce on armor, strange uncommon talismans and itchy rare talismans and a fast sword. With legendary ender dragon and/or superior dragon armor this strategy will get you to a few percentage points away from the 100% AS cap.

Pure/Spiked/Renowned on armor, strange uncommon talismans and itchy rare talismans and a fast sword. This should only be used if you don't have superior dragon armor, hound pet or a legendary ender dragon. Especially good for revs, since reaper falchion gets epic reforges and has 10% less AS compared to AOTD, Midas, Pigman or any other slayer sword.

You should ALWAYS prioritize reforging uncommon talismans and rare talismans even if you use fierce armor and a spicy/fabled or even sharp sword, since you only lose 1 STR or CD to gain 1 AS.

Keep in mind that spiked and renowned are better versions of pure and are both relatively expensive. I wouldn't put renowned on any current gear (even superior) until we have confirmation on what armor will be the best after we get all dungeon floors. But spiked might be a decent investment to get a slight head start compared to other players as it doesn't cost fortunes and even then I recommend using those reforge stones exclusively on frozen blaze or superior.


While holding your main weapon (bow for archer, sword for tank/berserker) take a look at how much STR and CD you have and write it down on a piece of paper or type it out on notepad/word, whatever works for you. I suggest you do it either without a splash or with a dungeon potion + weird tuba + mana/overflux orb (depending on what your dungeon team has) or a godsplash + weird tuba + mana/overflux orb.

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (1)

In my case I got 591 STR and 451 CD without a splash, tuba or overflux.

Go to the symbolabs website (you can type "function calculator" to your search engine, should be the first result) and follow the instructions down below or, alternatively, follow this link: Symbolab damage formula , fill in your stats and proceed to step 3

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (2)

Click "See All" once and select extreme points.

type the following: (5+(your weapon damage)+x/5)
so for me it would be (I run an AOTD with a lvl 89 tier boosted e drag) (5+289,5+x/5)

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (3)

After that you type *(combined STR + CD - x)
for me that would be *(591 STR and 451 CD - x)

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (4)

then paint the text you wrote like this:

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (5)

and type in / and divide by 100

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (6)

add +1 inside the brackets

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (7)

and type *(1+x/100)

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (8)

and you're done! Press Go!

Now, scroll down and don't let any of the scary math stuff scare you; it'll only further confuse.

A bit further down you will find a graph that looks something like this:

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (9)

On the Y-axis you have your damage and on the X-axis your STR. We will find our optimal strength on the right-side blue dot.

Zoom to the blue dot on the right side of the Y-axis like in the following video:

You finally have the result and know exactly how much STR and CD you need. Now you will likely need to reforge some of your talismans.

If you found yourself having too much strength, start with reforging legendaries and epics to strong (or alternatively forceful uncommons to strange and forceful rares to itchy if you want attack speed), then proceed to reforging other rarities of talismans from forceful to hurtful.

If you have too much crit damage, reforge hurtful legendaries and epics to strong (or, again, hurtful uncommons to strange and forceful rares to itchy if you want attack speed) and other rarities of talismans from hurtful to forceful.

Hitting the exact optimal amount of strength is not necessary by any means. The impact on your damage of missing the mark by something like 15 strength either way doesn't affect your damage that much, but I hope you'll now be doing more damage than before.

Will be tweaking the guide if something needs changing. Don't be afraid to tell me if something felt particularly confusing or if you think my math or anything else I wrote was wrong.

Guide - [ADVANCED] Best reforges and Maximizing YOUR Damage (2024)


Is Godly a reforge? ›

Before 0.8, the only reforge that had its stats in a different color instead of gray was Godly, with its stats being red.

Is godly the best reforge in Terraria? ›

The best universal modifier is Godly or Demonic. The two modifiers only differ in knockback, a stat that is not considered very useful (or even beneficial) in many situations.

What is the best damage weapon in skyblock? ›

The ultimate melee weapon is the Valkyrie, with its unmatched ❁ Damage, ❁ Strength and ⫽ Ferocity. It is also by far the most costly, at 1,100,000,000 coins for a basic one and a further 180,000,000 coins for Wither Impact.

How do you deal a lot of damage in skyblock? ›

The maximum ❁ Damage can be obtained using:
  1. Emerald Blade with at least 2,000,000,000 coins.
  2. 5x Hot Potato Book and 5x Fuming Potato Book.
  3. [Lv200] LEGENDARY Golden Dragon Pet with at least 1,000,000,000 coins.
  4. Forceful Power Stone.
  5. God Potion.
  6. A Recombobulated, fully enchanted Elegant Tuxedo with a Warden Helmet.

What are the chances of dropping a legendary Enderman pet? ›

MobPet RarityDrop Chance
[Lv45] EndermanEPIC0.01%
[Lv50] EndermanRARE0.1%
[Lv50] EndermanEPIC0.01%
[Lv50] EndermanLEGENDARY0.0006%
5 more rows

Which reforge is best for livid dagger? ›

Reforge on Livid Dagger? I've been using this weapon for a while now, with the Withered reforge, but for DPS Dirty is usually better. The Livid Dagger already has max attack speed tho, so the attack speed of Dirty won't change anything.

What is the most expensive talisman in hypixel skyblock? ›

Burststopper Talisman66,992,332 coins8,374,041.5 coins/MP
Artifact of Power22,800,000 coins7,600,000 coins/MP
Hegemony Artifact300,000,000 coins9,375,000 coins/MP
Master Skull - Tier 46,000,000 coins0 coins/MP
24 more rows

Can you reforge talismans anymore? ›

These reforges have been removed, but reforged accessories prior to April 20, 2022 still display the name of the reforge. Accessory reforges were replaced with Thaumaturgy. These are the reforges that are applicable only to Accessories (Talismans, Rings, Artifacts).

Is blessed reforge worth it? ›

Blessed has an incredible stat spread for a reforge and is therefore considered the greatest farming reforge overall, only rivaled by Bountiful.

What does the dirty reforge do? ›

The Dirt Bottle is a RARE Reforge Stone which can apply the Dirty reforge to any sword or fishing rod, granting ❁ Strength, ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed, and ⫽ Ferocity.

What is the best reforge in Terraria? ›

It really depends on your weapon. The overall best modifiers for weapons are generally the following: Legendary for melee (Godly if they can't get Legendary), Unreal for ranged, Mythical for Magic, and Ruthless for Summoner.

How do you get the best damage in Hypixel skyblock? ›

The maximum ❁ Damage can be obtained using:
  1. Emerald Blade with at least 2,000,000,000 coins.
  2. 5x Hot Potato Book and 5x Fuming Potato Book.
  3. [Lv200] LEGENDARY Golden Dragon Pet with at least 1,000,000,000 coins.
  4. Forceful Power Stone.
  5. God Potion.
  6. A Recombobulated, fully enchanted Elegant Tuxedo with a Warden Helmet.


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